If you are a real estate agent, you already know how competitive the real estate market is by now. With every passing year, more people are acquiring their real estate licenses and creating more rivals within the field. With more agents now than ever before, it’s important that people use every resource available to them in order to set themselves apart from the competition.

The one tool that many real estate agents are not yet taking advantage of is perhaps the most important resource of today: the internet. Online marketing has become essential in building an online presence, which is the only way to effectively generate new clients for your business in a world run by the internet.

With a well-executed online marketing strategy, the opportunities for growing your business are limitless. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, though. Every business has different goals and, therefore, will need a different strategy. But here are some great starting points for your real estate business:

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Think of your website as one of the first impressions that someone will have of your business. You want to make sure that your website is not only appealing to the eye, but that it’s straightforward and easy to use. But having a great website isn’t enough anymore – you need to make sure that it’s also mobile-friendly. 94% of people use their mobile devices to search for local information, which means that your clients are searching for you from their phones.

Implement strategies for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.

If someone searches real estate in your area, you want your website to be one of the first things they see in Google’s results. This is critical for generating organic traffic that will turn into leads for your business. How can you manifest a good SEO strategy? Research popular keywords that are relevant to your brand and use them within your website and, also, update your website regularly with quality content (this can be done in the form of blogs).

Build a social media presence.

Having a website is half of your online marketing strategy. The other half? Being active on various social media platforms. Social media allows real estate agents to be active with the community in a way that was once impossible. Post high-quality images of your listings, respond to questions and comments on your page, network with other industry leaders, share your blogs and other pertinent information with your followers. Being active on social media is a great way to show your personality!

You have already established yourself as a real estate agent, but building an online presence is only going to help push you even further above your competition.