Whether you’re selling your home in a buyers or seller’s market, the process of selling your home can be stressful. Showing your home requires you to keep it presentable, which may mean difficult daily upkeep, especially with children or pets. You might have even closed the deal on your new house, and if your current home sits on the market for too long, you risk paying two mortgages until the current one sells.

Regardless, selling your home fast is in your best interests. With the proper approach, you can ensure you’re preparing your home to sell as quickly as possible.

Set the right asking price. While sellers may be tempted to set a higher asking price in anticipation of negotiation, high asking prices that don’t match the value of the home may deter buyers and agents from putting in offers. As a result, houses are more likely to sit on the market for longer if they’re priced too high. If you’re looking to welcome negotiation and sell quickly, price your house appropriately from the start.

Spruce up your curb appeal. Just as the house itself proves important when it comes to selling, so does the land it sits on. A house’s curb appeal is among the first thing prospective buyers notice when they view a home and can draw buyers inside to seal the deal. Make that first impression a positive one by planting flowers, repainting chipped or faded doors or siding, or adding new sod.

Update the exterior and interior. Prospective buyers appreciate attention paid to the small details. Updating old fixtures, applying fresh coats of paint, and tending to landscape are affordable and relatively simple ways to further your home’s appeal.

Stage your home and declutter. Staging your home not only establishes a space and its functionality, but also enables prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the space. Make sure you’re appropriately utilizing spaces and furnish them accordingly. While your formal dining room may serve as storage for your elliptical, it should be staged with a table and set of chairs for showings.

It’s also important to only furnish spaces with necessary items. Not only will simple designs make a space look larger, they also depersonalize the space, enabling prospective buyers to envision their families in the house. In addition to removing unnecessary furniture, be sure to remove knickknacks and other objects that might make the space appear dirty or cluttered.  

List Online. With technology becoming more prominent in daily life, it’s beneficial to capitalize on major online portals and social media when listing your home. Portals such as Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia boast an expansive reach when it comes to prospective buyers. Social media can also serve to draw more prospective buyers in, proving to be just as effective selling homes as other listing services.

To optimize your online listing, ensure your listing has quality photos and enough shots for prospective buyers to decide they want to see your home in person.