Frank Jermusek

Lawyer and Commercial Real Estate Professional

Frank Jermusek discovered his interest in law while in college at The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. While studying Business at St. Thomas, Frank Jermusek was at the same time working for the Minnesota Investment Firm, Baker Investments. While his main work consisted of managing investments of the company, Frank began working on complex commercial transactions.

About Frank Jermusek

The Jermusek Law Firm, LLC

After studying law at William Mitchell, Frank Jermusek was hired immediately to work as an attorney at Leonard, Street and Deinard. In 2006, he founded his own law firm, The Jermusek Law Firm, LLC, which is based out of Minnesota.

The company is focused on providing sophisticated, creative, and practical solutions for clients dealing with real estate, business, and lending matters. Frank Jermusek has mainly focused his legal practice on business, real estate, lending, and golf/hospitality matters.

SVN | Northco

Working closely with his other Business, SVN | Northco, a real estate and investment firm also operating in the Minnesota area and Twin Cities, Frank Jermusek’s law firm will help individuals and companies across the greater Midwest handle legal work and strategies for real estate transactions, business transactions, and litigation for both.

In terms of real estate, Frank Jermusek’s firm will provide a practical solution to legal matters in purchase & sales, development & construction, debt & equity finance, leasing & property management, loan workouts & restructuring, commercial lending, 1031 Exchange, and, another speciality, Golf Course & Hospitality. In business, his firm will handle the legal work for business formation, contracts, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate finance.

In his work as a legal consultant and attorney at law, Frank Jermusek hopes to provide his clients with planning and preparation that will maximize the profit for their business or institution, and deliver the best possible results for that individual company or service.

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The Top Qualities All Good Tenants Have

The Top Qualities All Good Tenants Have

To find a good tenant, it helps to know what a  good tenant actually is. Below are some qualities all good tenants have.   Find a good tenant isn’t easy. Even someone who looks good on paper may not be the best tenant. But, if you keep these few qualities in mind... read more
How to Write an Effective Rental Ad

How to Write an Effective Rental Ad

No Landlord wants to lose money or pay out of pocket to keep a rental business afloat, yet this can happen if you have a property sitting vacant for too long. Effective marketing is one key to renting a property quickly, and to avoid accruing expenses associated with a vacancy.


The right marketing copy works twofold: it gets a renters attention and screens out tenants who aren’t interested. If you’re creating your rental listing and stuck on a copy, check out our tips for writing an effective rental ad including word choice options that you can use when describing a rental property, along with a helpful list of “must-haves” for persuasive rental listings.


The Headline


A great headline is key to getting people to read the rest of the ad, so you want a headline that stands out. The headline is so important that it is recommended to spend half of the entire time it takes to write your rental ad on the headline itself.


Rentalutions suggests a formula that includes the key information tenants are looking for which is, rent, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms, and location, plus one feature of the property that is unique or exceptional.


Key features of a Rental Ad


Know what features tenants want in a property and be sure to advise those features in your ads. Make sure to point out both the positive and negative aspects to the apartment, so you don’t waste anyone’s time by showing prospective renters a property that isn’t right for their needs. For example, if a renter absolutely requires a parking space, there’s no sense in showing them your property with no off-street parking.


Word Choice


According to Buildium, you can create a visual representation of your property with the use of carefully chosen, specific adjectives.


Detailed property description


Make sure the details of the property are clearly outlined in the advertisement. This will prevent you from wasting time on showing the property to applicants who are looking for more bedrooms, storage space, etc.


Disclose all necessary information about the unit in the advertisement, and set expectations upfront about other requirements for renting your unit. Be sure to include your pet policy, and list other deal breakers if you have them.

Update Your House in an Up-and-Coming Neighborhood

Update Your House in an Up-and-Coming Neighborhood

The key to updating your home is not to let it fall behind in the first place.


Every homeowner knows that maintaining a house is hard work, and a few have the time, money or willpower to keep their home looking perfect at all times. When it’s the peak of the home selling season, it may seem like half the houses on your block are in pristine, market-ready condition, or they’re under construction and will look fresh and new in no time. How can you keep your house looking new and not the worst house on the block? It may seem like an impossible task, but it’s one all homes face eventually.


Take stock of your aging home. Even if it seems like every single house in your neighborhood has a fresh exterior or is newly built, the typical house has at least a few decades under its belt. Simply realize that chipping paint and dated entrances are key factors for renovations and increase your home value.


Attend neighborhood open houses. For your house to increase in value along with other houses being built or renovated in the neighborhood, it needs to be on par with the updates. An easy way to know what you need to do to keep up with your neighbors is to attend open houses when a nearby property goes on the market. Listing agents expect curious neighbors to pop in, and it’s a great opportunity to see what the interiors look like and compare them to your home


Get a green thumb. Don’t let your house get a reputation as the worst on the block by neglecting its curb appeal. Keep the siding clean and consider repainting, and maintain the grass and landscape to keep the house looking fresh from the road. Landscaping your yard also gives you the opportunity to select flora that works best for the climate, your property and the amount of time you have to maintain it.


Make minor updates. Keeping up with other houses in the neighborhood doesn’t mean every project has to be a big one. Small updates to keep you home looking well-cared-for, like fresh paint in each room or new doors on cabinets, can make a massive difference. You can even go as far as refinishing hardwood surfaces to achieve a new look at a far more affordable price than replacing materials throughout the house every time you want to update.